Remote Medication Monitoring & Alerting in a Time of Distancing

CuePath is on a mission to help seniors and other vulnerable individuals stay healthy and independent with the support of their circle of care

SFU VentureLabs is home to many technology companies not only building next-generation solutions to business challenges, but also ramping up efforts to make a difference in the COVID-19 environment.

Victor Lesau, Co-Founder & CEO of CuePath Innovation

Victor Lesau, Co-Founder & CEO of CuePath Innovation, spoke with SFU VentureLabs about how CuePath is using their Medication Adherence as a Service solution to respond to today’s COVID-19 related challenges.

VentureLabs (VL): How did CuePath begin?
Victor Lesau: CuePath Innovation was founded in 2015. After I learned that my grandmother was not able to manage her medications and was suffering the effects of non-adherence, myself and CuePath co-founder Ivan Spogreev decided to do something about it. With our backgrounds in printed electronics, IoT and software development, we began designing prototypes for what would become the CuePath product.

VL: Can you give us background about the CuePath solution?
Victor: Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, many people do not take medications as prescribed. CuePath solves this with smart blister packaging and a Caregiver App that enables families and care providers to remotely track medication intake of their loved ones, particularly important in our current contactless environment of ‘stay at home’.

CuePath provides a fully managed Medication Adherence as a Service (MAaaS) solution set up by pharmacists, alleviating some of the stress associated with caregiving. With CuePath, pharmacists package medication to a schedule in familiar blister packs. When a patient’s blister pack pill is not released within a prescribed dosing time, a text is automatically sent to the caregiver.

On the app, caregivers can monitor the usage and schedule in real-time while the patient doesn’t need to use a smartphone or any computer. Installation simply requires plugging in CuePath’s Hub. There is no change to the patient’s use of the blister pack or their refilling pattern with a pharmacy or a caregiver.

When a patient’s blister pack pill is not released within a prescribed dosing time, a text is automatically sent to the caregiver

“Medication adherence, or non-adherence, is a problem that is very common and very difficult to resolve. CuePath is an extraordinary service that has proven itself highly effective with our patients.”

— Zahid Merali, Principal, Naz Wellness Group, CuePath Pharmacy Partner

VL: How can this approach help during today’s COVID-19 related challenges?
Victor: As family and nurses are restricted from visiting seniors in care homes, CuePath enables pharmacy and home care partners to provide remote medication monitoring. As stress of isolation and lack of home care services increase the risk of non-adherence, CuePath responds by alerting care providers when issues arise, and by providing telephone reminders to keep seniors safe during the pandemic.

“Seniors often mismanage their medications, whether deliberate or due to forgetfulness. CuePath provides us with an innovative solution to ensure that our clients are taking medications as prescribed. Their families know they are safe, even when our nurses aren’t on-site.”

— Danny Birch, Owner, Nurse Next Door, CuePath Home Care Agency Partner

VL: What’s next for CuePath?
Victor: We are specifically working on rolling out our service to more pharmacies across Canada and entry into the United States.

CuePath is one of the VentureLabs companies tackling COVID-19. If you are a care provider, pharmacy, or loved one, see how CuePath can help you at

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