VentureLabs company, Curatio announces merger with Sydney’s RxMx

Vancouver healthtech company, Curatio announced its merger with Sydney’s RxMx to form RxPx to tackle urgent healthcare gaps. Their solution is an end-to-end workflow that reduces the burden on doctors and supports patients at scale. The name combines Rx for prescription medication and Px for patient experience. RxPx is used in over 100 countries, available in 15 languages and has been designed specifically for the privacy, security and compliance needs of healthcare.


Lynda Brown-Ganzert, CEO, RxPx

“The need for a social health prescription is increasingly urgent and the level of physician burnout is a serious concern for the entire ecosystem. Any healthcare organization can use the RxPx solution, and brand it for their program, therapy, clinic or membership.”

David Gahan, CCO, RxPx

“Our case studies show patients are able to get on therapy in a fraction of the time that it would usually take. We support physicians in making complex decisions by automating as many processes as possible. The amount of time and paperwork involved in prescribing and monitoring these specialty medicines has been drastically reduced.”

Read the full press release here.

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