Women in business leading COVID-19 pandemic projects

Several female-led B.C. businesses are at the forefront of tackling challenges created by COVID-19, including SFU VentureLabs company, Curatio Networks Inc.

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Careteam Technologies Inc. is leading a project that aims to deliver remote monitoring and virtual care to help seniors, those with underlying health conditions and other vulnerable patients get access to care from their homes and avoid hospitals during the pandemic.

Led by CEO Alexandra Greenhill, the company and its partners have received funding from B.C.’s Digital Technology Supercluster to support the project. 

Curatio Networks Inc. has also received funding from the supercluster’s $60 million investment to fight COVID-19.

Curatio’s Stronger Together project is being developed in collaboration with a number of partner organizations. The platform is designed to provide people navigating health challenges with disease management, tele-health support and advanced patient monitoring.

“All of that’s really gone missing during COVID and left those that are vulnerable and isolated even more isolated,” explained Lynda Brown-Ganzert, founder and CEO of Curatio. “We haven’t seen a solution like this in market that addresses everything from prevention and awareness, through to disease management, through to advanced, real-time patient monitoring.”

The project’s first patients are expected to be enrolled in the program later this month. Within the first year, Stronger Together is aiming to support 25,000 patients and families per week….

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