4 Post Ideas To Get Your Startup’s Social Media Started

It is not a secret that social media is essential when marketing any business nowadays. Creating new Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram accounts is an obvious first step, but what do you do next if you have zero followers? Or maybe you already have all your social media accounts set up, got some of your loyal friends and family to be your followers and even made a couple of posts about your company. Either way, starting to build your follower base might sound intimidating if you are new to social media marketing. Here are four post ideas to kickstart your startup’s social media!

1. Customer testimonials

Who can better explain why your product or service is worth the money if not your satisfied customers? Having reviews from previous buyers on your social media will help you gain the trust of your followers and create an emotional link with your audience.

Social Media Idea for Startup
Example of a customer testimonial post created by VentureLabs’ Marketing PowerUp program for CompanyOn

2. Question post

Educational posts can be used to illustrate consumer pain points, allowing potential customers to understand why they need your product or service. Use engaging graphics to show the problem or issue and then explain in the caption how your company has the perfect solution.

Social Media Idea for Startup
Example of SFU VentureLabs’s question post

3. #DidYouKnow/ #DYK

Spreading awareness is an important first step, and #DidYouKnow or #DYK allows social media users to get to know your startup through interesting facts. One way to do this is to feature a short and catchy fact about your company in the graphic and then include more follow up details in the caption. Alternatively you can include a compelling image of your product or service.

Social Media Idea for Startup
Example of #DidYouKnow post created by Semios

4. Engaging polls

Once you have gained some followers, it is time to retain them by creating engaging posts that your audience can interact with.

Publishing an engaging poll is an easy way for you to connect with your audience through questions and answers. They can reply in the comments (on Facebook and Instagram), use a special poll feature (on Twitter), or react to the post (on LinkedIn) to let you know which answer they choose. See our example below!

Social Media Idea for Startup
Example of engagement poll post on SFU VentureLabs’s LinkedIn

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