Check out the video of SFU VentureLabs Demo Day 2019

Poster for SFU VentureLabs Demo Day

Over 500 people attended SFU VentureLabs Demo Day – part of Vancouver Startup Week‘s great series of events dedicated to highlighting the amazing entrepreneurial community in Vancouver. Attendees got to meet amazing companies who are part of SFU VentureLabs, RADIUS SFU, and Coast Capital Savings Venture Connection. Thirty companies shared their innovations on how they…

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Earbuds: The Next Brain-Computer Interface?

Kristina Pearkes CTO and Cofounder Orbityl Wearing Earbuds

A VentureLabs Interview with Kristina Pearkes, CTO and Cofounder at Orbityl Imagine if your brain was able to open an app on your phone?  Or you could turn up the volume on your iPhone with a thought? That’s the realm that Kristina Pearkes, the Chief Technology Officer at Orbityl, and her co-founder Sean Kaiser, are…

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Using Pricing Design to Increase Revenue, Profit, and Market Share

Karen Chiang Managing Partner Ibakka an SFU VentureLabs Company

A VentureLabs Interview with Karen Chiang, Managing Partner at Ibbaka Karen Chiang is a Managing Partner at Ibbaka, a consulting and technology development company focused on helping businesses bring innovations to market and helping them scale. Karen’s team has extensive experience in market segmentation and pricing for companies ranging from Fortune 50 to pre-revenue startups.…

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Netskrt Brings Streaming Media to the Outskirts of the Network

NetSkrt Team Meeting at SFU VentureLabs Office

A VentureLabs Interview with Moira Dang, Cofounder and VP of Engineering at Netskrt Planes, trains and automobiles. No, it’s not the 1987 movie featuring Steve Martin and John Candy. It’s part of the market research conducted by the Netskrt team as they determined the best target segment for their patented video content delivery network solution.…

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Bringing Trusted Networks to the Trades

Marilyn Sanford, LincEdge CEO at Presentation Booth

I know construction. I know the pain points, and I know the industry is in dire need of change. I’m able to bring this deep knowledge and insight about skilled trades to the solution we are developing. Just as an example, after our detailed skills vetting and ratings process, a skilled electrical contractor currently between jobs could be sourced by a short-staffed low-voltage network installation firm and utilized on a job she may not typically have been sourced for. The electrical contractor benefits and the company installing the network benefits.

We’ve already had a number of trades-based business clients use the LincEdge application and they’ve shared with us that its been incredibly helpful in reducing risk during their business cycles, maintaining quality in peak periods, and finding talent to complete their jobs profitably.

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